Wow, what a journey Lottie has been. As Lottie nears its third birthday, it continues to grow and delight app creators and users around the world. The scale of Lottie continues to amaze us:

  • Lottie is used in hundreds of thousands of apps and projects
  • Lottie Android, iOS, and Web have over 64,600 GitHub stars and the repos get over 4000 unique visitors per day
  • Lottie is on every Android device and nearly every iOS device in the world

As we approach Thanksgiving in the United States, there is so much to be thankful for.

You bring Lottie to life by creating beautiful animations, seamlessly integrating them into your products, and delighting your users.

Lottie was born at Airbnb’s 2016 winter hackathon. Design is in the DNA of Airbnb and something like Lottie felt like a perfect match. Airbnb is an amazing company to work for because of the incredible talent in every corner. Ultimately, Airbnb gave Lottie the credibility that enabled it to grow into what it is today.

Though none of Lottie’s core maintainers work for Airbnb today, we will be forever thankful for our time there — for Lottie and so much more.

Although Lottiefiles is not officially affiliated with the Lottie team or Airbnb, they have become an integral part of the community, providing a platform for people to seamlessly share and test their animations with the world and with their teams. We were floored when they showed us their website just days after the first Lottie release. Since then, they have grown enormously. People have downloaded over 1.5 million animations and they are growing faster than ever.

GitHub has built something that exists in no other industry: an open platform for sharing work and collaborating that is free. GitHub has enabled us to freely host Lottie, communicate with the community, and grow Lottie into what it is today.

If you are reading this, you are probably part of the Lottie community in some way.

As Lottie has grown, the amount of time we have had to spend maintaining is increasing. We spend hundreds of hours per year on nights and weekends maintaining and building new features for Lottie. In order for Lottie to stay healthy and improve, the Android and iOS projects have joined GitHub Sponsors to provide the resources necessary to continue this project we love. Each project now has a sponsor button at the top of its repo that enables you to support the future of Lottie.

Sponsorships can be provided directly by you or by the companies you work for. This sponsorship money goes directly to the people who are actively building and maintaining Lottie who would otherwise not be paid to do so. These sponsorship tiers also enable us to offer new things for the community such as a Slack organization, custom regression tests, prioritized issues, and much more. All of the details are listed on the sponsorship page for each project.

All proceeds will be split among all sponsored Lottie engineers so you can donate to any and know that you will be supporting all of the platforms.

With A Whole Lottie Love,

Gabriel Peal (Android)

Brandon Withrow (iOS)

Hernan Torrisi (Web)

Salih Abdul-Karim (Motion Design)

Android at Tonal. Lottie and MvRx. Formerly Airbnb and Android Auto at Google.

Android at Tonal. Lottie and MvRx. Formerly Airbnb and Android Auto at Google.