Today, we’re extremely excited to announce the official release of MvRx 1.0. MvRx is an Android architecture library built on top of Jetpack that is easy to integrate and learn yet powerful to scale to large and complex apps. MvRx was created at Airbnb with the goal of allowing Android engineers to focus on building product. While the Android framework is powerful, it can be cumbersome to work with, even for experienced developers and can take many months to ramp up on for newer ones. In addition, at Airbnb, we saw people reinventing solutions to familiar problems such as sharing data between screens, handling configuration changes, and fetching asynchronous data over and over again. MvRx aims to simplify all of these as well as provide a framework that is powerful enough for the most complex screens yet opinionated enough to provide consistency across a large app.

Our early pilot at Airbnb in 2018 was so successful that we opened it up to all teams in July followed by a beta open source release in August. Since then, MvRx has stabilized and continue to grow at Airbnb and other companies around the world. In under one year, over 350 unique screens at Airbnb have been converted to or built in MvRx.

MvRx Usage at Airbnb (1 screen == 1 Fragment)

When we first open sourced MvRx, we put a disclaimer in our README that MvRx is first and foremost for Airbnb and that Airbnb’s needs would take top priority. However, MvRx is now used widely at multiple companies and we are confident in the direction that MvRx is headed so we are removing that disclaimer.

Finally, part of our commitment to sharing MvRx with the world is building and maintaining great documentation and learning tools. That is why we’re launching a course alongside MvRx 1.0. This course walks you through the basics of setting up MvRx for the first time all the way to its most complex features. The course will be free for the next week and we suggest that anybody who is currently using or curious about MvRx to check it out because it contains content for all skill levels.

MvRx was made possible by Ben Schwab, Gabriel Peal, Huan Lin, Eli Hart, Andreas Rossbacher as well as everybody who has used it and provided feedback at Airbnb or in the community. Join us on this ride so we can work together and focus on why we’re here in the first place: to build amazing products.

Android at Tonal. Lottie and MvRx. Formerly Airbnb and Android Auto at Google.