Reliable Hot Reload on Android

A really complex Android app
class HotReloadReceiver(
context: Context,
intentAction: String = "debug",
private val receiver: (Intent) -> Unit
) : BroadcastReceiver() {

init {
context.registerReceiver(this, IntentFilter(intentAction))

override fun onReceive(context: Context, intent: Intent) {
override fun onStart() {
HotReloadReceiver(this) {
val (r, g, b) = intent.getStringExtra("color")
val color = Color.argb(255, r, g, b)
rectangleView.background = ColorDrawable(color)
adb shell am broadcast -a debug --es color 0,0,255
Hot Reload in action!



Android at Tonal. Lottie and Mavericks. Formerly Airbnb and Android Auto at Google.

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